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How to Combine Product-Led &  Sales-Led Growth Strategies

Despite what some might think, Product-Led and Sales-Led Growth strategies can coexist and improve each other. Tiffany Tai, Executive in Residence at Wing VC, shares her best advice and lessons from bringing a sales-led motion to traditionally PLG companies like Canva, InVision, and Dropbox.

Tuesday, November 1, 11:00 AM PST

Product-Led Growth, or PLG for short, is a trendy topic in B2B tech, with many companies looking to create or add in a PLG motion. But that often leaves sales teams wondering how they fit in to the strategy.

In this fireside chat, Tiffany Tai, Executive in Residence at Wing VC and former GTM leader at Canva, InVision, and Dropbox, will share what PLG means for sales teams and how they can work better together.

What You'll Learn

What "product-led" means in a B2B setting

Find out the meaning behind the buzzword and a few good examples in the market.

How to set up a product-led motion even if you sell to Enterprise

Tips for setting up PLG within your B2B business, whether you're early in the process or further along.

Steps to set up a hybrid of product-led and sales-led growth strategies

You don't have to choose PLG or SLG. Many times, a combination of both is the best approach.

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Meet your presenters

Tiffany Tai

Executive in Residence at Wing VC

Tiffany is a GTM veteran with a decade of experience leading B2B teams across sales, customer success, marketing, and revops at PLG companies like Canva, InVision, and Dropbox. In 2021, she joined Wing VC as Executive in Residence to use her industry experience and help other companies drive successful growth.

Ashley Wilson

Co-Founder & COO at Momentum

Ashley is a marketer turned founder with 12 years of experience running marketing and operations for startups. Before Momentum, Ashley founded Olivine, a product marketing agency for B2B SaaS companies, and was an early employee at Sauce Labs, where she was Head of Marketing.